Welcome to patterns!

We study patterns that people exhibit over and over again. We then use the study of those patterns to help people get different results in their life. 


Pattern #1

We find the most common pattern that is affecting our students decision making is one of these core fears.

Which do you fear most?

1. Letting others down

2. Offending others

3. Loss of Safety

4. Making the wrong decision


Pattern #3

We also through study have found that every person has one of the following addictions. Which is yours?

1. Being a Hero

2. Safety and Control

3. Being Right

4. Approval and Acceptance

Pattern #2

We come to find that most people have a cannot be happy statement. Which is yours? I cannot be happy till...

1. My significant other is happy

2. Other people are ok

3. I'm safe

4. I'm secure


Understand your patterns

Once our students understand their patterns, they are able to understand how it affects their life. They then understand how to make different decisions in the future. When peoples decisions change their life changes with it. Slowly but surely your life turns into the fulfilling life you always wanted it to be.